The CCRF has signed agreements with NGOs to monitor the vote on the Constitution

Among them is the Association of lawyers of Russia “Volunteers of Victory”, the movement “For clean elections”, Russian youth Union, Federation of independent trade unions of Russia and the Union of journalists of Russia.

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov/ RIA Novosti CEC is preparing for a nationwide vote on the plan

Recall that in accordance with the law on the amendment of the Constitution, the observers to the national vote shall implement the CCRF and the public chamber of the regions.

“our main task we see in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the transparency of all procedures. I hope that this process will involve all interested citizens and organizations,” said Secretary of the CCRF Lidia Mikheeva.

the discussion of procedures for public observation of the CCRF invited those with whom she already has experience in the elections of different levels. “But this does not mean that other NGOs we are not happy. On the contrary, will welcome the accession to this work all who wish,” added Mikheev. She also stressed that the chamber considered important and necessary the participation of political parties in the observation. This week in the CCRF is scheduled to meet with their representatives on this issue.

Speaking about the procedure of formation of the corps of observers, head of the working group of the CCRF in monitoring the implementation of electoral rights of citizens Maxim Grigoriev said: “we Have the most democratically organized process of making nominations to the observers. They can offer public organizations, political parties, and anyone citizen can bring the documents and to nominate yourself”.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Approved order of the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution

Requirements for observers are the most simple – the presence of Russian citizenship, age of 18 years, legal capacity and active electoral rights. “Who can vote, he can be an observer – said Grigoriev. – This is done so that maximum number of people without any problems, could all be part of.”

in Addition to the CCRF, the application for participation in the observation of the taking of the regional chamber.

As explained by Lidia Mikheeva, you can apply by any means – in person, by mail or via the website obshestvennosti.of the Russian Federation.

This project came about in connection with the resumption of non-political observations on elections in Russia. His first major campaign was the election of the President of the Russian Federation in March 2018. Then at the polling stations across the country 144 thousand independent observers from Federal and regional public chambers followed the procedure and verified reports of violations.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/RG In the CEC introduced amendments to the Constitution and the voting procedure

Now the site interface adapted to the needs of the nationwide vote. “All the detailed information about how to apply, how to become observers, is on our website. We will post there all news, instructions, recommendations, everything you need to become a public observer “, – said Lidia Mikheeva.

According to her, the Public chamber has prepared a number of documents for organization of monitoring of voting, including the code of ethics of the observer.