It was the scandal of the summer: In hallwilersee lake, a Cayman to drive on the loose. A fisherman, two girls and a swimmer reported their encounters with the animal. The story held in July, the half of Switzerland in a breath.

Now, the “Sunday newspaper wants to have solved” the puzzle. The alleged reptile to be in truth and in fact a catfish. A fisherman who has reported for the newspaper, tells of his fishing. He didn’t trust his eyes, when he looked in the throat of the 1.05 Meter long catfish: “There is a nearly 50 cm long animal was in. At first, I thought it would be a big cancer!”

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, have cut open the fish afterwards, in Boniswil AG and in the throat and the stomach of a grebe – a water bird that is held by laymen, sometimes for a duck and the lake hallwil is typical.

police don’t give the all-clear

The big catch the unknown man was already on 21. July. So just a few days after the cantonal police of Aargau, had also sent a media message from a Cayman Islands was warned, the ducks eat should.

The fisherman had immediately cherished the suspicion that it could be a misunderstanding, and the catfish was confused with a Cayman. Visually, the two species are not dissimilar. “I fish for 30 years – such a bird in the stomach of a fish I’ve never seen”, said the man.

Roland Pfister, spokesman for the Canton police of Aargau, is the new rumor unimpressed: “What if the Cayman Islands show up tomorrow, right?” The knowledge of the cantonal police is still the same. The animal was more likely than not in the meantime seen. “But we can’t shoot today, only that someone was actually exposed to a Cayman Islands.” The appropriate inquiry is therefore, as Pfister explained, at the request of a VIEW.

For a final sigh of Relief, it is still too early. Bathing for weeks because of the alleged Cayman Islands sighting is concerned. “If we had known, we would have gone to swim!”, Sascha (29), said from Niederrohrdorf AG in mid-July to VIEW. “I would have been scared for sure if I would encounter the animal,” said Elham (28) from Hausen AG. (nim/noo)