The founder of Commentaro want to solve in “the cave of The lion” in 2020, one of the big football issues. After all, what football Fan has not been annoyed by a TV commentator, because of the always of a different opinion was. Now, in DHDL your solution for this Problem: The Fans themselves are to be the commentator. (Also read: Angry rebuff to the founder of Willhelm Grill)

DHDL: What is the App Commentaro offers?

Who logs in to Commentaro, gets access to different football-snippets from all over the world – or at least from the part of the world, for the founders of Commentaro sports have rights. These snippets can provide each user with his own commentary and with his friends, or if it runs quite well even loyal Fans to share.

But because of the Comment of little Snippets is not enough to have a sufficiently large network, you want to go to the founders of the App, now the next step: you want to make your commentators-Service for Live games available. There, anyone interested can then make a game that runs just on TV, Live commentary, belongs to, in turn, by all other users of the App, and as an Alternative to the TV commentary will be played.

to make this extension possible and to scale so that you can make a income, need the Commentaro-founder the help of the DHDL-lion. They provide 25 percent of the shares in your company for 250,000 euros Investment. (Also read: This Star replaced Frank Thelen at “the cave of The lion”)

Who are the founders of Commentaro?

Gisbert Wundram and Bendix Eisermann jointly operate the Pay-TV-Sender “Sport Digital”, which has previously transmitted a number of sports such as Badminton or kick Boxing, but today on international football. Because football rights, however, are a fairly expensive Well, you all Live sports from less well known leagues such as the top divisions from Japan, Holland or Portugal in the offer.

so Far, the comment function in Commentaro also extends to these competitions – goals from Lionel exhibition, Robert Lewandowski or Mo Salah can not be commented on in the App, so currently the users. (Read also: So far the lions went never)

What to say to the lion when DHDL to Commentaro?

the lion of DHDL is felt from the very beginning, a fundamental enthusiasm, it may not prevail but right against the concerns of the business model. Nils Glagau can try the App itself and a goal scored by a goalkeeper from the Dutch League, comment, proves in the first place, that it is good that he has embarked on a career in a technically another way.

Georg Kofler does not seem to be averse to, but after his initial assessment, but also that he still needs to think about this for a while, see if it’s worth it is to take money in the Hand.

Dagmar Wöhrl refers to the football enthusiasm of their family, not stressed but almost in the same breath, that it is in the theme of “inside” and therefore a Wrong would be to invest in the App. Nils Glagau, Ralf Dümmel, and Carsten Maschmeyer is similar, and they all don’t see really a way to make the App in the foreseeable future, in fact, money. Also, you are out.

Remains, Georg Kofler, the not seemed to be Yes, at least at the beginning averse. But this changes very quickly, as him the founder of work it out as you have in the distribution of income presented: a 40 percent go for the right way, 20 percent for the technology that stands behind it – and 20 percent is to be distributed among the users with the most Fans. That in order for the founders and potential investors, not much is left, deters Kofler clear: “you have employees, you must pay”, he tries to the founders to teach. And that, you would need at least a Million paying customers to come into the proximity of a profit – can’t imagine Kofler for the company, and is also out.

What remains for Commentaro to DHDL?

The App is in the App to buy Stores (for Android users at Google Play and for Apple users in the App Store), on the Internet you can look at some of the user comments. There are a couple of funny and mind are actually rich, but the big success with Live-Play comments to running in the TV, have to wait first because now an Investor is missing. Whether the model can, however, more than the investors confidence in “the cave of The lion” to him, will have to show the time.

This article was written by (Mathias Ottmann)

*The post “the cave of The lion: App Commentaro to football-will be released to make the Fans happy,” from GQ. Contact with the executives here.