the head of the Department Federal research center of food systems, RAS Victoria Nasonova said, why only that store-bought meat with an unexpired shelf life can quickly deteriorate. The reason she revealed in an interview with radio Sputnik

the Main reason for the rapid loss of freshness of meat specialist called a breach in the cold chain, when during transport, unloading and laying on a shelf product is in different temperature conditions. It helps to activate the microbiological processes, and meat spoils faster. So buy the meat should be checked in the field and it must be stored at temperature from minus 1.5 to plus 4 degrees.

in addition, the often rapid deterioration of the meat are to blame are the buyers who, having put meat in the basket, long walk across the departments of the supermarket, and then go home. All this time the product temperature rises, which shortens the shelf life. So just taken from the counter meat should be put in a bag-the refrigerator.

At the same time Nasonova urged not to eat meat with a changed color or odor, even after heat treatment, because it is not fresh and part of the microorganisms still survive, carrying additional risks. If the meat is to be stored for a long time, it is better to buy it frozen.

Earlier, head physician of Minsk hospital No. 71, broadcaster, Alexander Myasnikov said that the consumption of red meat is still a risk factor for bowel cancer, but “in relation to heart disease red meat is not bad”. Butchers said that this product is a priceless source of many vitamins and minerals, so it is recommended, but not more than three times a week.