The causes of death of patient with coronavirus

Moscow operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 called the cause of death of the infected patient. 79-year-old woman was indeed diagnosed with “viral pneumonia”, but the autopsy showed that she died due to the loose clot. This oberstab said in his telegram channel.

“Despite the fact that the patient was hospitalized with the beginning signs of pneumonia and her life was confirmed tested positive for the coronavirus infection, the cause of death was not pneumonia, and cut off the blood clot” – said the chief pathologist of Moscow, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Oleg Zairatyants.

According to him, at the time of death of the woman changes in her lungs was not, but confirmed the presence of severe chronic diseases. In particular, the patient suffered from diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease.

On the death of an elderly patient it became known earlier, on March 19. The woman went to the hospital on March 13. Previously, she was treated at a private clinic, but then she was transferred to a stand-alone box Moscow infectious hospital number 2. There she received complex intensive therapy.