the Star of “glee”, actress Naya Rivera, died in the accident. The autopsy confirmed that the woman was drowned her body has not found signs of violence or disease. On it informs TV channel Fox News, citing a press release of the medical examiner, Ventura County (Calif.).

Her biological samples are also sent for examination, which will show whether Rivera alcohol or drugs. However, the police are inclined to believe that her death involved psychotropic substances.

the Body of 33-year-old actress was discovered in lake Piru in southern California. She went missing on July 9 while walking around the lake with his son. He was found asleep in the boat. Four-year-old boy said that his mother jumped into the water and never returned.

because of the frequent deaths of the actors of the series fans have called him cursed. So, in 2013 from a drug overdose died 31-year-old Cory Monteith. And in 2018 have committed suicide 35-year-old mark salling. Shortly before he was arrested for possession of child pornography.