The Caucus in Iowa: Democrats do put themselves in a puddle

In the US, the Democrats still did not consider the results of the Caucus in Iowa, party meetings, which choose a possible candidate for the presidency. The reason — a failure in the application to counting. Interestingly, the development controls one of the candidates — former mayor of the city of South bend Pete Buttidzhich. And he is also, by happy coincidence, is now leading in the vote.

American media called the counting of the votes in the Caucus in Iowa, “a real chaos”. With the result of intra-party contests, the Democrats have sucked for the whole day. The culprit, say Democrats, was the technique. Application for vote counting, which has developed a startup, “shadow”, has not coped with its task.

“Delay the announcement of the results occurred because of coding errors in the software. That’s why the app reports the correct data,” explains Jonathan green, Chairman of the presidential primary meeting of the Democrats in the County of Fremont, Iowa and the district of lone tree, as well as administrator of it systems at financial firm.

the Company “shadow” received for the development application disabled $ 63 million. The firm appeared on the market quite recently, in 2017. Large orders on her account was not, however, the IT experts are not surprised that the young developers received such a large order from the Democrats. The founder of the “shadow” — political strategist Tara McGowan. She is the wife of Michael hull chief strategist of the presidential campaign of Democrat Pete Buttidzhichem, by the way, the winner of the Caucus in Iowa.

“this time the Democrats actually landed in a puddle that tried to use the election “raw” program. It was tested, it did startup company, and it has not been tested under heavy load. And this is logical: when it started crashing, looking for who to blame and what to do”, — the expert in cybersecurity, and competitive intelligence Andrei Masalaovich.

Meanwhile, the Democrats with the first insights for a long time not drawn.

“of course, We’re not sure, but perhaps it all can be a Russian activity or interference of any other country. We have repeatedly said that our enemies in Russia, China and Iran will use social networks to undermine the confidence of the Americans to our voting system,” — said the Senator from Virginia, a member of the Democratic party of the USA mark Warner.

the American media against this background, write that the failure of technology is only a justification.

“This, I believe, undermine the authority of the Democratic party, as ever,” expresses the opinion of the political scientist, Director of the American University in Moscow Eduard Lozansky.

it says, even The New York Times and all the press, that 95 percent support Democrats. But it actually indicates a complete failure.

According to the preliminary results of the Caucus-goers in Iowa, the psychological advantage (slightly more percentage) from Pete Buttidzhichem — that which is indirectly linked to the developers of the broken applications. He was the mayor of a town South bend in Indiana, with a population of 100 thousand people. He speaks openly about his sexual orientation, being a deeply religious Catholic. He served in Afghanistan. Polyglot — speaks eight languages. Young — he is not even 40. In American politics, he is a new figure, as they say, a “dark horse”.

“that he’s gay, just attracted to him or those voters who themselves are experiencing the same moments, or sympathize with them”, — says the analyst of Lausanne.

On the second, but not last place — Bernie Sanders, for which the Caucus-goers in Iowa became an unhappy place. In 2016 he lost to Hillary Clinton less than one percent and eventually dropped out of the race.

But if we talk about young people, it closer inclined to the candidacy of Sanders, as he promises free education and the abolition of all debts, and many students now take loans for education.

the Caucus in Iowa are of strategic importance in the presidential race. In fact, this is the beginning of inner-party struggle, the result of which will become clear who will choose their candidate, Republicans and Democrats. At first everything went without surprises: advantage Donald trump before his opponent is more than 97 percent. Democrats are now waiting for 11 February — the day will be primaries in new Hampshire, where they will be able to “recoup”.