The Catalan independence movement is re-kindled – more radical than ever. The protests, which took place in the last few years, almost entirely peacefully, are now handled in the violence.

you have Ignited a judgment of Monday: The Spanish justice sentenced the leaders of the separatists to draconian prison sentences of up to 13 years. They were guilty of “sedition,” said the judges. Also, if you have always only fought peacefully for a referendum on independence. In Protest against the imprisonment of Catalonia’s regional President Quim Torra (56) has threatened with a new independence referendum.

city in the state of exception

a VIEW is on the spot and accompanied the protests, the play in the epicentre of Barcelona. Since Monday, the city is in a state of emergency. Police helicopter circling above the narrow streets of the old town. And when the darkness falls, burning barricades, cars, tires, garbage containers.

The police takes tough action against the protesters. Alone in Barcelona, the authorities so far, 200 people injured. In the port city of Tarragona, a protester by a police was run over the car. He is seriously injured in hospital.

movement strikes radicalised

What: The movement has changed. And radicalized. It is the young that are pushing to the Front increasingly. Tens of thousands of them are daily on the streets, many masked. They bind the Estelada in front of his face, the yellow-and-red striped Catalonia flag. And while they hurl stones and bottles at the policemen, singing the Catalan freedom anthem: “our enemies will tremble before our Flag!”

Over the last few years has brewed in the Region of an explosive mixture together. Out of frustration about the unreached goals, from powerlessness in the face of the Repression of the Spanish state, and from pure destruction. All of the discharges now. Not only in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and other Catalan cities.

Since Monday, the movement has changed its tactics. The newly formed citizens ‘ platform for Tsunami Democratic organized over the encrypted Messenger service Telegram blockade actions. Activists set train stations, main streets, and on the last Monday, also the international airport El Prat lame.

New level of escalation on Friday feared

The Chaos of the last few days is likely to be only a foretaste of been on the what’s coming on Friday. Trade unions and students call up to the big General strike. From different cities of thousands to March, currently at Barcelona. The “March of freedom” is expected in the afternoon in the city. And with it, hundreds of thousands of other protesters.

The Catalan leader, called on Thursday unanimously to non-violence. Protests, Yes, but peaceful. “We are calling for Serenity, determination and courtesy,” said Catalonia’s regional President, Quim Torra. It must be peacefully against the “unjust judgment” from Madrid demonstrated.

But in the capital they do not trust the assurances. The Spanish government moved as a precaution, thousands of officials of the military police to Barcelona.