On 7. In January 2005, a verb of the asylum seeker Oury Jalloh burned in a cell of the Dessau police station, handcuffed at the hands and feet. Still, the case raises a number of questions – the General Prosecutor’s office of Naumburg has now submitted their answers to some of them. In a 208-page report to justify why it has rejected a complaint against the discontinuation of proceedings.

As the lighter is, for example: As a Jalloh in his cell, was brought in, he had to show, according to Police records, none, photo – and film recordings of the scene of the crime, none. After his death, a charred lighter showed up in the fire debris bag of the land criminal police office but all of a sudden. Reviewers noted 2012 was melted textile fibers that came from the scene of the crime. For the Initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh, these are all indications that the fire stuff was added afterwards to the self-immolation thesis of the public Prosecutor’s office. The Prosecutor’s office is contrary to the representation.

In the test report, it says: you May be able Jalloh, on the way into the cell, or when Fixing to a cigarette lighter of a police officer, “by taking him this go unnoticed, or to take by this the lighter fell out of his pocket and Oury Jalloh got it and was able to hide”. Because the lighter was charred, it had to stand out in fire debris “mandatory”. The textile fibers explains the General Prosecutor’s office with an impurity by numerous studies. In addition, an expert had examined the lighter without gloves, the fiber traces would have been able to get the report to him. How are they to be melted down, not explained in the report.

the case of Oury Jalloh, The case of Oury Jalloh

On 7. In January 2005, Oury Jalloh, an asylum-seeker from Sierra Leone, found burned in his cell in the police station of Dessau. According to the official presentation to Jalloh managed to get with fixed arms and legs to a at the time of his arrest, not noticed lighter out of his pocket, his fire-proof mattress pick up, the inflammatory contents to light, to keep his head above the flame to die as a result of an inhaled heat shock – and not to push before the lighter under his body, so that you can see it on the few Film and video recordings from the scene of the crime. Members, experts, and supporters to doubt this Thesis. You go from murder by police officers and criticize the margins of numerous determination. The many years of competent public Prosecutor Folker Bittmann suspected a cover-up murder. 12. October 2017, the public Prosecutor’s office hall stopped the investigation. Also, applications for the Acquisition by the attorney General failed. The lawyers of the family were unsuccessful against the decision with a complaint – yet.