It’s wounds, an image that hurts any horse lovers in the heart: A horse with a belly full of open, bleeding. They come blows of a whip. Paul Estermann should have been thrashed, according to his former nurses, Zdenek Dusek, his Top Mare, Castlefield Eclipse, literally (LOOK told).

The veterinary police of Lucerne in the spring of 2017, the investigations – ex officio, cruelty to animals, an Official is a crime. Half a year later, a criminal-initiated investigation.

This is now completed after two years. The result: The public Prosecutor’s office Sursee assumes “that the Accused in April 2016 in Hildisrieden a Mare several times with a dressage whip, knowingly and willfully on several occasions violently and excessively against the flanks and the lower abdomen struck,” as she writes in a message. And further: “he wanted to achieve a better training result.”

ester man is evidenced by criminal command because of a multiple offence against the animal protection act, with a conditional fine of 90 daily rates of 160 Swiss francs and a fine of 3600 francs. In addition, the spring tab has to cost the process of around 1500 Swiss francs, as well as his attorney’s fees to pay.

But The 56-Year-old not accepted this and has lodged an appeal against the order of punishment. Thus, the case in front of the district court of Willisau comes in and is evaluated. The date is still open.