Activists of the public organization “Stopcasting” ask the FSB to check the social insurance Fund (SIF) subject to agreement with FGUP “Moscow prosthetic-orthopedic enterprise” of the Ministry of labor. According to the organization, the management of social insurance Fund of the allegedly artificially created the conditions for the victory of the branches of the “Massprop” to bid for the supply of prostheses, inflating the requirements for other participants in the procedure. Nizhny Novgorod branch of Federal state unitary enterprise regional office of the FAS have recently recognized member of a cartel. After antitrust conspiracy case on the Nizhniy Novgorod market of prosthetics enterprises of the Ministry of health and FSS can wait for a new trial.As previously reported by “Kommersant-Volga region”, Nizhny Novgorod division of “Modprobe”, JSC “Julianna” and its subsidiary company “Otto Bock Nizhny Novgorod”, ZAO “Volga-Vyatka the center of prosthetics and orthotics” in 2017-2019 years alternately has won the auctions of FSS for the supply of equipment for the disabled for a total amount of EUR 168.1 million RUB, creating the appearance of competition in the auction and sending requests from one email address. UFAS has decided that the actions of the companies were coordinated by one man, and the head of branch “Modprobe” Natalia Markova through affiliates has formed a monopoly on the supply of prostheses with the rest of the cartel members (see “Kommersant-Volga region”, may 21). As a result, other companies were deprived of the opportunity to participate in the auction that the Foundation held without collecting applications from patients with disabilities. Conspiracy was found to have violated clause 2 part 1. article 11 of the law on violation of competition they could face criminal prosecution under article 178 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“restriction of competition”) and administrative penalty of up to 50% of the initial contract price. By examining other contracts of the branches of FSUE, activists of “Topquartile” decided to apply to the Federal security service with a complaint of possible collusion by the leadership of the FSS and “Modprobe”.The Chairman of the organization Alexander Kulakov requests the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov to deal with the creation of the benefits of a state-owned manufacturer of dentures in the auction. In a statement, “Topquartile” (a copy is in “Kommersant-Volga region”) appears directed on 18 February, the Deputy head of the FSS Alexei Koshelev a letter to affiliates of the Fund. It (is, “Kommersant-Volga region”) to the management of FSS on the ground prescribed a five-fold increase in the auction documentation the maximum rate of non-monetary evaluation criteria — experience of bidder — if you order less than hundreds of dentures. If it is planned to supply from 101 to 500 prostheses, the rate must be increased fourfold. Triple overestimation increased experience of the participant of the auctions prescribed for purchases over 501 of the prosthesis, it follows from the text of the appeal. Thus, bidders are willing to sell FSS products for 10 million roubles, should have experience of delivery 50 million rubles, which is contrary to the requirements of the government resolution “On approval of rules for evaluation of applications, final proposals of the procurement participants of the goods, works, services for state and municipal needs”. This Ordinance is also contrary to the claims of Mr. Koshelev to inflate to five, four and three times respectively the maximum values of the initial price of the contract for the procurement of 25 million rubles 50 million rubles and above.The drafters of complaints, two dozen auctions of FSS since the beginning of the year totaling KTZ 590.7 million rubles excessive demands are contained in all and the winning bidder in most of them to be certain the structure of “Modprobe”, which became the only participants. Almost all the contracts were signed with them at the maximum price.In the FSS of violations of the Antimonopoly legislation sent to the regions letter not see. It was also reported that non-monetary evaluation criterion has two indicators. The customer evaluates the experience of a comparable nature and scope, as it implies participation in the procurement of potential service providers are ready to cope with the stated scope of work. “In accordance with the rules of assessing applications for the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation No. 1085 of 28 November 2013 for assessing applications for non-monetary evaluation criteria (indicators) the customer is entitled to set the maximum required the maximum quantitative value of the qualifying characteristics to be evaluated under these criteria,”— said in the FSS. The phrase “maximum required maximum value of the index” means that to obtain the maximum number of points required to represent a value corresponding to the total value of work done, but it doesn’t have to be a single contract with the specified number of prostheses and amount.In the FSS believe that the established requirements are allowed to participate in tenders even companies with little experience: “limits on the maximum values of qualifying characteristics is only necessary to calculate the scores for indicators and does not lead to an underestimation of the number of points assigned to the participants having little experience, and does not restrict competition, since the marginal maximum number of prostheses delivered for all contracts for three years in the evaluation of participants will be limited to the upper limit specified in the criteria. This, in turn, allows to exclude the provision of an unlimited number of contracts to big companies and increase competition for other participants of the commodity market.In addition, the lack of experience is not a basis for dismissal of the procurement participant from ��participation in the provider definition”,— added in Department.Roman Ryskaliyev, Nizhniy Novgorod