The carrier rocket

Two years ago, this same “company” was sent into space Angara-A5 rocket. Then it was launch after launch of this rocket. Now the vacant land in the Jubilee area of Elektrostal delivered “Soyuz-5”, a reduced copy of this rocket, first flight test is scheduled by Roscosmos as much as 2024.

Copy up to 50 times smaller than the original, existing only on paper in the design Bureau of RSC Energia. Performed the guys from paper and wood, but so gently that it is time to send equipment to the exhibition. Guys – 11th grader Paul Panchuk of the 18-th simple machines school 8-grader Roman Volokitin of the 13-th school was making it for a few months.

– the First launch was at us with one engine, says their mentor Victor Rozhkov, without four of the side units. The rocket flew on 10 meters, and we are more than satisfied. We have a series of spins with additional engines.

help “MK”. “Soyuz-5” is a perspective of a two-stage booster of the middle class, which will output to low-earth orbit of up to 17 tons of payload.