Dimitrij Küttel: As a big NBA Fan, is that for me, Basketball Superstar LeBron James.
Jonas Dähler: I’ll stick to the football and choose the German wing Uwe Gensheimer. Incredibly, what he throws for Trick from his wrist to conjure up.

Küttel: That time is running out for me more slowly, almost like in the Matrix.
Dähler: Infinite leap, for me, is as a wing is quite helpful.

Küttel: My grandfather. He was a painter and I also wanted to be able to paint like him.
Dähler: Hannibal from the TV series “the A-Team”. He had in every Situation with a Plan.

Küttel: My mother. She has taken care of despite all the UPS and Downs that I come out neatly.
Dähler: My girlfriend.

Küttel: For me, there’s every Morning with a Smoothie from frozen berries, protein powder, oatmeal and water.
Dähler: This is a sausage creation from the butcher’s shop of Ex-national team player Martin Stettler.

Küttel: When we go in the output, we are not in the third mid-term so badly. The gap in the Team is great, but on average, we are already strong.
Dähler: We understand, in addition to the place very well. The appreciation for each individual is outstanding.

24 points separated last season’s Champions LC Brühl from the Spono Eagles. In the Cup, Nottwil out cast but then on the way to the title, the favourite of St. Gallen home after an elongation crime. Now it comes in the Supercup for the rematch. With six Disposals and seven new additions to the Eagles of coach Carlos Lima in the summer, have taken a break. Completely different it’s not that his counterpart, Rolf Erdin from: The master trainer comes with a practically unchanged squad, and therefore, as a favorite in the new season.

Eight of the last nine Supercup have been in Schaffhausen, a prey to the cadets. Also this year, the masters in the eternal duel against Wacker Thun is the role of the favorites. The Schaffhausen have upgraded in the backcourt with Filip Maros (Ex-scout) and the Spanish world champion Angelo Montoro. Winners of the Cup, Wacker will have to do without because of a foot injury to League MVP Nicolas Raemy. For national player Ron Delhees starts to auskuriertem cruciate ligament in his first full season with the Thunern.