The capital's secondary housing market froze due to the stagnation of incomes of the population

On the secondary housing market is silence: last January the number of transactions declined both in annual and monthly terms. In the second month of winter in Moscow has entered into a 7.7 thousand contracts of sale of housing, which is 19% less than in January 2019. Meanwhile, the January 2018 and 2019 (respectively by 8,4 thousand and 9,9 thousand transactions) were in the black. The last time the negative trend from year to year in January was observed in 2017.

the Seasonal recession of activity of buyers of second homes in January were higher than normal in recent years. In comparison with December 2019 number of contracts decreased by 50% (in the same dimension in 2019 — 48%, and in 2018, 47%). According to an “ABC housing”, in late January in the secondary market of residential real estate on the territory of “old Moscow” was presented to 20,2 thousand apartments with a total area of 1599 sq m.

“From the January data of the Rosreestr, we can conclude that the housing market is increasingly dependent on mortgage, — said the managing partner of the company “Metrium” Maria Litinetskaya. — If the total number of transactions with secondary habitation and new buildings is reduced, and the loan was provided more often, it means that the share of mortgage transactions increases. Affected by soaring prices in 2018-2019, for housing in Moscow and the continuing stagnation of incomes. Apparently, the decline in mortgage rates in 2020 will continue to boost demand for mortgages.”

it is Interesting that, despite weak demand and shortage of cash, the price tags on the capital’s ready-made housing permanently rise. As analysts explain, the most accessible lots are gone, accordingly, changed the sentence structure. So, in February, according to CYANOGEN, secondary apartments on average were put up for sale over 211,5 thousand rubles for 1 square meter. Per month average index increased by 1.5% for the year of 6.8%. Continues to increase gradually and the average check transaction. If at the end of 2019, it was 8.55 million RUB by the end of January it grew by 50 thousand rubles — up to 86 million

According to analysts, the majority of apartments, especially premium and business class, is on sale today at an inflated price. Some homeowners are extremely reluctant to agree to the bargain, for months preferring to wait for the right trend. But this does not mean that discount can only count the Pets of fortune. Just the opposite. As the Director of the Department of the secondary market “Inkom-real Estate” Sergey Shloma, in January at a discount in Moscow, has sold 74% of the apartments, which is four percentage points higher than the same period last year.

However, in the spring, the secondary housing market must Wake up after “hibernation”. In March-April, experts expect another spike in prices for finished housing. First, because of the new rules, obliging developers to accept funds of investors to the escrow account, will rise again in price of new buildings. As a result, some buyers will make a choice in favor of finished housing. Secondly, it will become more affordable mortgages. In February a number of large banks have reduced interest rates on housing loans, which prostimulirujte in the near future, the purchasing power of citizens. As a result, owners of apartments will have a great opportunity again to raise prices. According to experts of “NDV-the real Estate Supermarket” Elena Mishchenko, in the next six months the secondary housing in white stone will grow by 7-10%, and by the end of 2020 — 15%.