soil can neither reproduce nor move – and that’s exactly why he has always stirred the people. Who owns the Land? How is Property distributed? To the fair? What is the role of the state should take on this particular market?

questions like these have already triggered revolutions and wars – and they are also in the year 2019, the high-aktuell: Yesterday, Saturday, was initiated desire in Berlin, a national, private real estate want to expropriate companies, with more than 3000 apartments. The goal: to lower Rent.
In Switzerland, is also an Initiative pending “calls for more affordable housing”. The referendum, which will likely be 2020 at the ballot box, demanded that the Federal government is promoting the supply of affordable rental housing in cooperation with the cantons. At least ten percent of the newly built residential area should be in the future, in the property of the makers of the non-profit housing.

The expensive plots of land ended up in Private

The more soil, the public sector has, the easier it could be to achieve this goal. Research by the Sunday views, however, show The development in some places, in the opposite direction. In the past ten years, the cantons of Land and real estate with a minimum value of 1.1 billion Swiss francs have been sold – sales in the building not included in the calculation. In fact, the sum is likely to be even higher, six cantons (AR, BL, FR, GL, SG, VS) did not provide any Figures.

a total of 1.1 billion expensive plots of land, the sale was confirmed, landed mostly in the hands of Private. At least two-thirds of the properties sold are now no longer public, but private individuals, or commercial, profit-oriented investors. Exact Numbers cannot be determined, because in some cantons, the relevant data is missing (see graphic to the right).
Jacqueline Badran (57, SP) for years has dealt intensively with the housing and building policy. The Zurich national councillor the sales of scandalous: “The sale of public land to Commercial is a misappropriation of the people.”

Large differences in the cantons of

What stands out Between the cantons there are large differences. Bern, Solothurn and Zurich – for more than two-thirds of the confirmed sales of real estate, responsible swing obenaus; 73 percent of its divestitures did not go to municipalities. How explain the managers of these questionable maximum values?

The Zurich building Department refers to the huge real estate portfolio of the Canton, which have an acquisition value of about 15 billion Swiss francs. “In view of this, we have not sold a disproportionately high number of real estate,” says communications Director Dominik Bonderer. In addition, you veräussere real estate exclusively, for the permanent is not a legal use purpose.

Solothurn establishes the top position with the sale of a former prison on the ground of approximately 160 new residential units would be created. New owner: the insurance group AXA. Of a misappropriation of national wealth, Guido Keune, Deputy Canton Builder wants to know nothing: “The recovery of land – whether building or selling – will always be examined very carefully.” The economic value of the stand in the foreground.

The Bern planning Director Christoph Neuhaus (52, SVP) emphasises, once again, that the Canton of optimizing its Portfolio and continuously develop. “This includes the sale of unused land and buildings.” Even in Prime locations such as the lower old town of Bern, the Canton has sold in the past few years, a number of properties to the highest bidder.

Badran: “the basic possession pays off”

Jacqueline Badran contacted, says Neuhaus: “Since the income flows into the General Bernese state Treasury, there to know as an entrepreneur or housekeeper, actually, that it has deviated with the “embezzlement” neat.”

Badran shakes the head: “Would develop in the Canton of the real estate itself, and to keep, it would rinse him constantly yields in the Treasury, and the vast increases in value remained in the national wealth.” Property paying off in the long term, in particular if the population is growing as strong as in Switzerland.