In a message to the municipal Council of Lugano, the city is asking for two loans for the recapitalization of the company that manages the airport of Agno. In addition, you would like to transfer a part of their share capital in the company to the Canton.

The participation of the Canton of the new share capital of Lugano Airport SA (LASA) would thus increase from 12.5 to 40 percent, announced the Lugano city President Marco Borradori on Thursday. The Plan has already been approved by the Ticino state Council, said Claudio Zali, the Dean of the Ticino Baudepartements.

The increase in the cantonal participation must be the Great Council of the Canton for approval. This should agree, is likely to receive, ultimately, the voting public has the last word. The Ticino Parliament represented “movement for socialism” has been announced to take the Referendum against the plans.