The call of the year

the First step to protect workers and ensure continuous production at Norilsk Nickel was the creation of the operational headquarters, which included top managers of the company. In addition, Norilsk Nickel has taken a number of measures, which allow not only to preserve the health of employees, but also contribute to the reduction of tensions in the epidemic situation.

“To the crisis Norilsk Nickel came up with a sufficient margin of safety to ensure the best possible protection for our employees and all residents of cities where plants are located, to support small and medium-sized businesses, to lend support to the local administrations, – said the President of “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin. – I am confident that together with our employees, our citizens, with the whole country we go through this test.”


Norilsk Nickel has allocated 10.5 billion rubles on measures to combat COVID-19 and the maintenance of social stability in the regions of its presence. The money directed to the purchase of medical equipment, medicines and personal protective equipment for medical institutions, businesses, and employees of the group Norilsk Nickel, as well as on additional support of small and average business in territories where the company operates.

In the Norilsk industrial district and the Kola Peninsula purchased the ventilators and the test system. Soon there will be deployed 2 stationary and 5 mobile laboratories for the detection of infection. In addition, the local hospitals have several times increased throughput.

In March, the President of the company Vladimir Potanin has donated one billion rubles to non-profit organizations, to avoid reduction or cessation of their activities in connection with the difficult situation in the country.

In Norilsk and the Murmansk region, Norilsk Nickel has provided vacation rentals small businesses, as well as 6-month vacation credit to the participants of the project “new World” previously received a loan from “Norilsk Nickel” on RAdevelopment of social business.


In all divisions of Norilsk Nickel mounted imagers and apparatus for the disinfection of hands, are strengthened by the measures on sanitation of the premises. As for the company’s employees organized an Express examination by the doctors. Workers continually operating divisions “Norilsk Nickel” is subject to charge. At Bystrinsky GOK to April 30, extended term watch employees.

Remote work

7,500 employees of Norilsk Nickel transferred to the remote work with 100 percent pay. In addition, in the period from 30 March to 30 April, the company saves the wages of those who have no remote access to automated workstations, as well as employees with children who are not able to perform their duties due to the closure of kindergartens.


Since March 27, the company ceased to provide the annual corporate permit on sanatorium treatment to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The cost of acquisition, Norilsk Nickel will fully reimburse.

Support online staff

the Situation room “Norilsk Nickel” the clock receives information about the location and living situation of employees and quickly provides assistance. Organized round-the-clock “hot line” for employees.

Corporate volunteering

the stake in Norilsk, Chita and formed volunteer teams that participate in the charity action “Volunteers to the rescue”. They help contactless to deliver food, medicine and things to the needy, teach the elderly how to pay the rent or to order food. Many volunteers sew gauze masks for citizens of “risk group”. Today, the stock involved several hundred people. Also to the volunteers of “Norilsk Nickel” that anyone can join through the website and the social network.


the Company “Unity”, which in operation, eacht VOLS in the Norilsk industrial district, free expanded digital channels for the mobile operators by 45 percent. This initiative allows people as comfortable as possible to work and study remotely.

the Airline “Nordstar”, which is part of the group of companies “Norilsk Nickel” announced the abolition of penalties for the return ticket date flights up to 31 may 2020. In accordance with the decision of the administration, regular passenger flights from Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk suspended. The decision of each flight will make the interdepartmental Commission created by order of the head of Norilsk.