Owners of commercial buildings are asking the government not to increase until 2024 cadastral value, which is calculated real estate tax. If its revaluation next year will occur according to plan, owners will be in a critical situation. The problem is relevant especially in Moscow, where the cadastral value of the business centers, targetrow and offices may be close to the market and even exceed it.“B” acquainted with the treatment directed on 23 June Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on behalf of landlords and tenants of Russia, signed by representatives of about 20 companies (for example, KR Properties and “Plaza development group”), as well as the heads of the Moscow branch of “Business Russia” and Committee of the chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurship in real estate Economics, with a request for additional state support.In particular, the letter says that they need to freeze until 2024 revision of the cadastral value of the objects. While the landlords due to the complete or partial closure of facilities during the regime of isolation and the need to provide discounts to seriously decreased incomes, making it difficult to taxes that are calculated on the basis of the cadastral value.Typically, the cadastral value is growing every revision in half, says the General Director of KR Properties Sergey Matyukhin. The next revision is scheduled for 2021, the assessment should be carried out as of 1 January 2020, he said. But it’s “wrong, as in the beginning of this year there was no quarantine, no collapse in the world.” The issue is most acute in Moscow, adds Director of commercial real estate Capital Accent Olesya Nikitenko: “Cadastral value of the capital is not just close to the market, in most cases it significantly exceeds”.To the operational review in the office of Michael mishustina, “b” failed. Such treatment has already been sent to the government of Moscow, told “Kommersant” the Chairman of the Committee for the hotel business of the Moscow branch of “Business Russia” Dmitry Slopak.In the sit room for economic Affairs in city hall, said that 36 thousand entrepreneurs, including tenants and owners of commercial real estate, has received support from the city for a total amount of 25 billion rubles. But measures to support businesses who are already working enough, I’m sure Dmitry Slopak. Basically the businesses are taking advantage of preferential crediting and payment of the minimum wage on employees. Under other measures of support due to excessive demands on their recipients covered only 7-10% of the companies, says Mr. Shlopak.”The problem of the relationship with the landlords during the crisis came to the fore and for our industry,”— said the President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry Olga Kiseleva. At its data, the total area of the premises occupied by all institutions of fitness in Russia, reaches 6 million square meters, of which 70% are rented. “We understand that landlords also is not easy,” admits Ms. Kiseleva. It considers necessary trilateral cooperation — landlords, tenants and the state.Khalil Amine, Elizaveta Makarova