the Report on this subject the official presented at the meeting, Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina with Deputy Prime Ministers.

– In General, the approach is such that June will be spent on preparing the venues and infrastructure for the launch and a neat start, – said Chernyshenko. – July 1 we expect that it will be possible to fully launch the industry interregional trips.

Since June 1, has already opened a sanatorium-and-Spa institutions, which have medical license. “We expect that in the coming weeks will launch hotels in half of the regions, – said the speaker. – Today, more than 40 regions meet the criteria for discovery”.

the Government of the Russian Federation has charged to heads of regions in the course of a week (until June 15) to prepare plans for the launch of the tourism industry in their regions, said the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet.

– These plans they are developing in conjunction with the Federal tourism Agency, Rospotrebnadzor and the health Ministry – said Chernyshenko. – It is important that regions, gently, gradually, with observance of all necessary security measures had been resumed.

And to go to go for this new opportunities. The Federal Agency for tourism, tour operators, rail and airlines will open 10 new domestic tourist routes in the summer, said Dmitry Chernyshenko.

– Is routes in areas such as Kaliningrad oblast, Khakassia, Baikal, Altai mountains, – he said, – and in these areas we want appeared first Charter, already there is such an agreement.

According to Vice-Premier, this will seriously reduce the cost of the trip.

He said that a package tour to Baikal for 10 days can cost in the region of 45 thousand rubles. “This achievement, I would say,” said Chernyshenko.

Among the priority measures to support domestic tourism, he said, offering additional preferential rates for families with children. “First of all we think necessary to support family tourism, – said Deputy Prime Minister. – To offer additional preferential rates for tours with children, and we plan to enhance the diversity of children’s tourism, so that every child could have the summer to relax guarantee”.

In General, from domestic tourism, according to him, good prospects: he has the potential tenfold increase.

– Now the Russians have an average of about 0.4 visits per year, and in countries that are considered leaders in tourism, it is 5-7 trips per year, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet. – So in fact this is a tenfold growth potential.