among the changes is the reduction of terms of registration of contracts of share participation in construction. The first contract will have to register within seven working days and the rest within five working days. And within three days if the documents are submitted in electronic form.

in addition, be simplified and other treatments. For example, the heir can apply for removal from the cadastral account of the demolished garden of the house without carrying out registration of property rights.

According to the amendments to the law, electronic signature is not required if the transaction involves agencies of the Federal, regional authorities or local self-government.

will be able to submit documents to clarify the boundaries of land plots, state cadastral registration of residential and garden houses through a personal account and without an electronic signature.

the Bill according to the explanatory note also provides that the state registration of the lease contract of the building construction without the submission of the technical plan in respect of such building or structure.

the Entry into force of the law stipulates that six months after its official publication, certain provisions from 1 January 2023.

As stated earlier, Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko, the proposed package of changes will significantly simplify most of the procedures for market participants and eliminate legal gaps.