The Cabinet is co-financing the restoration of the rights of shareholders in the suburbs

the Decision concerns the protection of rights of investors, multi-family homes located in the Moscow region. “Signed by order found that the restoration of the rights of citizens-participants of shared construction, the maximum level of co-financing expenditure obligations of the Moscow region from the Federal budget is 70%”.

Photo: iStock Buyers of the apartments can call defrauded real estate investors

the document mentions that the measure will be applied in the case of the adoption of the “Fund of protection of the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction” decisions about funding for the restoration of the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction of apartment houses in Moscow region.

this noted in the explanatory note to the document, the specified activities include, in particular, measures to complete the construction of infrastructure facilities, the obligations of developers, the construction of which, in the construction of apartment buildings, provided the prisoners by the developer with a public authority or local government of the Moscow region the treaties and agreements, if these objects are subsequently transferred to the state or municipal property.

currently, in accordance with the current normative legal acts for the Moscow region, limiting the level of co-financing of expenditure obligations is 46%.