The Cabinet discussed measures to support citizens and small business

the government continues to daily work to preserve the stability of the economy under the influence of coronavirus infection. The actions of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into appropriate plan of action. Four blocks are connected with 54 actions. For 49 requires the adoption of regulations. “Thirteen of them have already taken decisions, decorated. Twelve are in high degree of readiness, – the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov on Saturday at a meeting with the head of the Cabinet. – That is already half we will promptly implement the plan”.

business Support: rent can wait Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti Mishustin told when the global economy starts to recover

the New decisions and directives at the government level and ministries face every day. First, the deferral of tax payments and insurance premiums that a business must pay before may 1, has been provided by travel agencies and airlines. And on Friday Michael Mishustin has instructed the Federal tax service to extend this to the sphere of sports, culture and cinematography.

also on Friday, issued an Executive order for Federal property management Agency and the Federal Executive bodies and the procedure of providing small and medium businesses a grace period for the rent in 2020 state and municipal property. The authorities should within three working days to inform the SMEs about this opportunity. At the conclusion of the additional agreement, the Prime Minister has given three working days from the date on which treatment by the tenant. Payments equal parts transferred to 2021, or by agreement of the parties, there may be other conditions. Regions and municipalities are also recommended to follow this procedure when working with small and middlethey are a business.

Deferred taxes and insurance contributions will get not only the travel companies and airlines, but also companies in the field of sports, culture and cinematography

the Central Bank, solve two interrelated tasks. First, to prevent the decline in lending to the real sector. “And, secondly, to support small and medium-sized businesses, – stressed the Prime Minister. Is the travel agencies, small hotels, hairdressers, repair shops and other small service providers that due to the reduction in demand, restrictions in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection was in quite the predicament. But they provide employment and, most importantly, the incomes of millions of Russians.”

Businesses, especially small, now interesting is not so much obtaining new loans, how much restructuring and refinancing has already taken, said the Minister of economic development. Therefore, he reminded the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, the regulator extends the program of refinancing loans for SMEs reduces the percentage to banks from six to four. And another 500 billion roubles will be allocated additionally to maintain and increase lending to small businesses.

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“We made the decision to zero rate customs duties on imported drugs and medicines”, – said on Saturday, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. The proposals under the simplified procedure of public procurement, giving the government the right to take early decisions. The period of economic unrest, Russia came in General with good performance, according to the Ministry of Finance. “For two months, the economy grew by 2.3 percent – said Siluanov. – Overall budget – for two months – also performed according to plan.”

the Economy and the labour market: under the supervision of

monitoring of the situation in the economy is conducted on a daily basis. On the basis of its government and the Central Bank, assured Mikhail Mishustin, ready to take new measures. In the first place, he urged to pay attention to the labour market. The recommendation to transfer staff on shorter working hours and remote work in the company has already received and implemented.

But a layoff, even in this very simple situation, should be a last resort, severely warned the head of government employers. – If someone will be tempted to use the hype around the fashion industry, and to solve its current problems due to staff reductions, these companies will check the labour Inspectorate, Federal tax service and the Prosecutor’s office.

6 drugs against coronavirus infection had been tested in Russia, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

No introduced a moratorium on inspections of small and medium business won’t save the company in case of delay in payment of wages. “For these enterprises, the moratorium will be lifted with all consequences, – promised the Prime Minister. – Ask the Fes to monitor this really.”

If the situation on the labour market will change for the worse, the government is ready to introduce a new package of measures to support citizens and businesses, said Mikhail Mishustin. “In particular, we organize remote proactive professional training with the scholarship. We also will reimburse part of the cost to employers who employ redundant employees. Support of unemployed persons if they decide to start their own business” – he listed possible solutions.

Photo: iStock the Central Bank recommended to restructure the loans of citizens with coronavirus

the list of more than 600 strategic enterprises. This week will start a stress test for them to determine how, if necessary, will need the support. “On your instructions, prepare the second package of measures, because we understand that the number of industries that significantly hurt the situation, rising, said at the meeting, the Minister Reshetnikov. – First of all this is the catering and hotels. Just now hold meetings with representatives of business generated by additional measures.”

economic development is now concerned about the situation in the regions. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, though, said that they closely approached the formation of his budget plans, but the Ministry say the situation is different: some problems in the economy have already touched on somewhere, everything is normal. On behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov will hold a teleconference with the regions to adjust their economic policies so they were better prepared to deal with business problems.

Between themosque and Minsk discussed the agreement on oil.

the Agreement between Moscow and Minsk will ensure the supply of Russian oil refineries of the Republic of Belarus “in full and on agreed terms”. About it reported in a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation following the results of telephone conversation of the heads of governments of the two countries Mikhail mishustina and Sergey Rumasa. “The heads of government noted the achievement of agreements in principle on the parameters of cooperation in the oil sector, taking into account the mutual interests of the parties”, – stated in the message.

in addition, Rumas gave a positive assessment of the Moscow’s decision to provide transit through the territory of Russia Belarusian citizens returning home by air from third countries in a situation of the spread of coronavirus. Prime Ministers of the countries noted that the need to preserve and strengthen the atmosphere of the conconstructive cooperation between Moscow and Minsk, as it allows you to efficiently, in a calm, respectful way to solve even the most complex issues of integration cooperation.