Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov has proposed the Finance Ministry to toughen the admission of suppliers to the public procurement additional requirements to mitigate the risks of unfair practices. According to the business Ombudsman, the projected amendments to the law on public procurement to accelerate the procedure of electronic auction can provoke bid-rigging.Business Ombudsman Boris Titov in the letter of the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Lavrov proposed to revise prepared by the regulators, the amendments to the law on procurement States (FL-44). We are talking about the adjustment procedure, electronic auction to reduce the risk of corruption schemes.Rules “optimization package” of amendments to the Federal law FZ-44, along with the reduction of competitive procedures to facilitate Contracting involve the acceleration of the procedure of electronic auction — two hours after the end of the deadline (see “Kommersant” on June 1). The Ministry of Finance informed on appeal Mr. Titov pointed out that collusion is possible in the current procedure, as amended, on the contrary, should exclude the possibility of collusion when submitting price proposals.In the apparatus of the business Ombudsman, by contrast, believe that the amendment could lead to negative consequences: the disruption of contracts, extortion in the market and dempingovali by unscrupulous parties. To reduce risks it is proposed to limit the admission to trading only for vendors that are not in the register of unfair suppliers and satisfy certain requirements. However, the amendments already provide for a mechanism of universal pre-qualification for contracts on 20 million RUB, no additional requirements to procurements below the stated value by the Ministry of Finance, explained the need of participation of small companies without experience. Requirements in the form of participation in SRO can also entail corruption risks and will only complicate their participation in public procurement, while the government is counting on public procurement as a driver of economic recovery.Recall that the optimization package of amendments was to simplify Contracting, including for the acceleration of budget expenditures on national projects, but because of the need approvals, acceptance of the project lasted for a year. It is expected that the bill will be considered during the autumn session of the state Duma, but now the process may be delayed due to the plans of the Prosecutor General to join the improvement of the procurement legislation. We are talking about the participation of the University Prosecutor in the analysis of law enforcement practices and the right to make proposals for its improvement.Diana Galieva