The Style is Now yes and no the times of the lockdownook no longer go to the barber can be, it is not to be shared for you to make her one. Make-up artist Yung Fierens gives you ten tips to make your hair style by yourself in shape to keep up. And yes, there’s a trick to it without damaging your froufrou for you to have to cut it. 1. My hair is drying out now, I’m not a weekly visit to the hairdresser can be. What am I going to do?

We feel you : in the meantime, is starting to our hair to look like in a couple straw bale. What you have in your kitchen cabinets, the flange as a self-made mask in the other.

• 1 egg
• Jojoba oil (purchased online)
• dark beer.
• Plastic to plastic wrap and keep refrigerated.

for the
Beating the eggs in a bowl. – Add from ten to fifteen tablespoons, depending on your haarvolume and length), jojoba oil, and a splash of dark beer (and yes, you can do the rest of the beer to drink while the mask does its work). Whisk all the ingredients together with a whisk until you have a paste will.

how to use it:
Apply the mask to damp hair and distribute well. Mix well so that all of your hairs are properly coated with the mask. Wrap a long strip of kitchen cling film around your hair and leave for a quarter of an hour soak in. Rinse off the mask and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo.

This is the mask you need to use right away, but you can’t keep it.

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