In South Korea, archaeologists discovered a stone head, which, presumably, is part of a previously unearthed ancient statues of Buddha. Finding pre-Dating the existence of the powerful Kingdom of Silla.

according to Archaeology News Network, the artifact was discovered during the excavations at the location of a Buddhist temple on the mountain Us in Gyeongju city, Gyeongsang province.

Previously, archeologists found there a stone statue without a head. It was dated to the period of the United Silla Kingdom. It was a powerful state. In 892 it was divided into Three Koreas, and then reunited under the name of Koryo in 935.

Scientists initially assumed that the headless statue depicted sitting Buddha. They removed it from the excavation site previously documenting its position, after which continued work.

as a result the head was found, which probably were part of this sculpture. Scientists believe that the statue could be beheaded during the Japanese colonial era.

the Artifact has been well preserved. Near it were found a small bronze figure, and a round crystal. Presumably, he was also a part of the sculpture. Scientists believe that the crystal was mounted in a small recess between the eyebrows of Buddha. The specialists plan to restore the sculpture.

This is not the first discovery in Gyeongju city for the last time. We will remind, earlier South Korean archaeologists during the excavations in the funerary complex of Hannam-ton discovered a pair of gilt bronze shoes, presumably belonging to the period of the Kingdom of Silla.