the Majority of Denmark is still completely shut down. But in Aalborg there was a place that held open, even though they are not supposed to.

There is a brothel in the district of Østerbro in Aalborg.

It writes Nordjyske.

the Brothel stayed open, even though polititet had been on the site before with an alert:

“We have been on the site earlier and given an injunction that the site would close, but it continued to stay open. Therefore they were charged and given a fine,” says the inspector at The Police, Claus Danø, to the North.

Brothels are not as such mentioned in the notice of the places that must stay closed during the coronakrisen.

But the police tells that they are still subject to corona-law, as they align with massage therapists.

the Fine to the brothel was for 5000 dollars.

hope Now the police, that it can keep the brothel from opening again, but if not, then are the police ready to hand out more fines.

Local reports that it was the third example of a place that has been fined for a breach of the corona-the law of Jutland in denmark.

The two other cases happened in the last week. Here held a café in Farsø and a tavern in the Aalborg open.

The two sites also received a fine from the police.