It is not only in denmark, unity is one of the key words in the coronakrisen. Also, since the british queen Elizabeth on Sunday gave a speech to his people called her people to stand together.

And there is no doubt that the nation stands together. In each case, of their queen.

It’s not gone unnoticed that the 93-year-old for only the fifth time ever, spoke directly to the nation – if you look away from the queen’s annual christmas speech, of course.

And if we only judge from the reactions on social media, is the queen’s speech passed clean home.

‘The extraordinary strength which the queen showed in the evening, can be described with one word: EXPERIENCE. No world leader on earth – of any kind – have more than she. Therefore she knows always exactly what she must say. It is a remarkable gift,’ writes tv host Piers Morgan on Twitter

But he doesn’t stop there. He has dedicated several tweets to the queen. Another of them sounds quite simple:

‘The biggest star in the world.’

Much to suggest that there is a broad consensus that the british queen made the right choice by quite extraordinary to speak directly to his people.

Last time she did, it was in 2012, when she had ruled the country for 60 years. 10 years earlier she spoke to the people about the death of his mother. Also she took the word in 1997, when the shock and grief went through the country, when princess Diana died in a car accident. Her first speech ever was about the Gulf war.

Thus wrote to the queen on Sunday story, when she for the fifth time in his 68 years on the throne gave a speech. A speech on self-discipline and determination. And a speech about hope. For as she assured the isolation of the britons: “We will meet again.”

Words that landed a dry place with the people, who a few hours later was notified that their own prime minister, Boris Johnson, had been hospitalized with coronavirus.

‘I see the queen, who speaks for the Uk. But I think it is a speech to everyone, in all places,’ writes the actress and tv host John Barrowman, while ‘Top Gear’host Jeremy Clarkson voices in:

‘My god, I love you, mrs queen.’

Everyone – from celebs to menigmænd and policy – makers- backs up about queen Elizabeth and her message. In the latter group you will find, among others, Nigel Farage, the leader of the brexit-the lot.

‘No other living person could have delivered the message of hope in a time of hardship with such passion and integrity. God save the queen,’ he writes on his Twitter profile.

however, It is not only the queen’s people – the dear brits – which is laid down by the admiration of their regent. Queen Elizabeth’s speech is also not gone people’s nose past the outside of Britain’s borders.

On the other side of the Atlantic one finds, for example, an american president who shows his deepest respect for the queen.

‘A great and wonderful woman,’ writes president Donald Trump on Twitter.

Speaking of Donald Trump compares several u.s. Twitter users to his and the british queen’s approach to coronakrisen. And it has got a few pieces to play with a somewhat strange thought:

‘Is it too late to join the british empire again?’ asks one on Twitter.