the British, remained in quarantine, loved to make cakes. This has led to a shortage of flour in the shops, factories for its production switched to enhanced mode. This writes The New York Times.

During the pandemic coronavirus plant in Oxfordshire produces nearly 13 thousand sacks of flour every day, which is four times more than usual. Demand has forced the management to hire more employees and add a night shift, so that the mill worked 24 hours a day and seven days a week, for the first time in 125 years.

According to the National Association of British and Irish flour mills, the mills produce almost four million tons of flour per year in the UK. Since most of the country sits at home in quarantine, and the demand for cakes has grown, the meal has become a scarce commodity on the grocery shelves. This led to the fact that the sacks of flour began to resell on eBay for a large profit.

“This is unprecedented. For more than a month production of flour for home baking is doubled compared to normal levels, reaching four million packages a week,” said Alex Waugh, Director General of the National Association of British and Irish millers. The demand for flour has increased in other European countries. In France it doubled in March, and in Italy reached its highest level since the Second world war.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians in isolation fell out of love with chocolate and love sunflower seeds. Also become worse to sell cakes (minus 38 percent) and waffles (minus 11 percent), increased sales only candy.