The British applauded struggling with coronavirus doctors

At eight o’clock hundreds of thousands of British people came out of their apartments, gathered on the balconies, in front gardens or just open the Windows wide open and erupted with thunderous applause to those who at this time had saved lives.

Photo: REUTERS/Toby Melville Famous conference centre in London will transform the hospital

Residents of my apartment building in the heart of London gathered in the yard and raised a glass of fizzy tonic for the health of doctors and nurses carrying at this time of night duty in hospitals of the country. Following the mandatory quarantine time of two-meter distance between the audience, we were all happy with our “brotherhood”. This unity in difficult time of life to remember.

And later, on TV I saw, praising the doctors, children banging on pots and pans, sailors on their floating homes on the docks of Bristol was buzzing in the ringing. And high school students from Oban played the pipe pipes, expressing his “art” thanks to the physicians of their country.

the Collective enthusiasm was loud and joyful. Monuments, bridges, buildings “turned” this evening across the country in blue, which is a landmark for the free National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom.

Photo: AP Like coronavirus has transformed the London weekdays

came Up with this action of gratitude of the Dutch Annimari of Ples living in London. The idea, which Annimari shared with their friends, grew into the initiative, supported by the entire nation. Despite strict quarantine and the call to “keep a two-meter distance with other” Brits have got the opportunity to come together in it’s not the most wonderful time.

However, I can not remember if this story is shameful. The owner of the apartment, called in the English style “landlady”, pointed to the door of her rented apartment the doctor, saying that he could infect her and the living space coronavirus.