It is a place with a history. The Ponte Dom Luis bridge was built in 1886, connects the old town of Porto with the famous port wine cellars. 3000 tons of iron to 385 meters in length, over the river Douro were you at the time of construction the largest wrought-arch bridge in the world-iron. LOOK leads to this Monument of architecture with the Ex-Nati-Star Beni Huggel (41), the SRF-expert on-site, the great bridge to conversation.

I’m there every day. As a player, I was the bridge Builder between the young and the older Generation. Today I help for example, people who have not grown up digital, in the use of new media. And in a family there are always conflicts, in which it is taught.

It was always difficult. But I shot my second NLA-goal after a counterattack. I will never forget the anthem “brüggli field olé remains”.

I like him. We have often laughed at because of his speech. In French it means: “demander le ballon”, the Ball of desire. He always said in English: “ask you to the Ball…”

He has written a book I devoured as a child. “On the way to Mexico,” it was said, and it was ultimately unsuccessful qualification for the 1986 world Cup. I read everything about football.

A legendary skier, I used to cheer for before.

a Former Czech national coach who trained the Austrians. White hair, I don’t know.

As I am with my wife already for a long time about it. Karat, I don’t know yet, but is more common the song, with Peter Maffay’s me. It is a melancholy swing is not a song, if you’re completely sober.


It’s really just about preventing the worst possible, namely two defeats at the Final 4 tournament. It is difficult for the coach, whether you want to build on the core staff, or to experiment. My tip is a 2:1 for Switzerland.