Bride took the microphone from her mother during the wedding congratulations and banished from the celebration. This case reports the Daily Star.

according to the newspaper, the girl was from the beginning, not sure whether to allow his mother to speak at her wedding with a solemn speech because of their strained relations. However, remembering that at my sister’s wedding it was quiet and peaceful, she decided to give mother a chance.

At the beginning of the woman joked and said nice words to the bride and groom, but then start to remember unpleasant episodes from the childhood of her daughter and called her “damaged goods”. The girl broke down and away from her MIC, kicked.

she Later described the conflict in the social network, asking users whether she did. The girl doubted really whether she overreacted or mother still should have kept his mouth shut. One of the users wrote that in the speech of the mother was not a joke, and nasty personal attacks. Another user admitted that mother of the bride need to “a few harsh lessons about how to behave in society.”

the girl did not specify whether she reconciled with her mother after this incident.

Earlier it was reported about the bride, criticizing the dress of his mother and puzzled by users of the network of its complaint. The birthday girl was mad that the mother-in-law is going to come to her wedding in a white dress with large floral print. In response, users have criticized the birthday girl because she’s too demanding.