the Bride is invited relatives and friends to write a motivation letter to get invited to the wedding. This was told on Reddit by her sister.

the Bride, whose name was not reported, began to prepare for planned in February 2021 the wedding. She wants to arrange a celebration abroad and realized that you can’t invite everyone that wants: because of the pandemic of novel coronavirus infection rates have risen sharply.

Then she came up with an unusual way to identify those who are worthy to attend the celebration. The girl asked all the relatives and friends to write a motivation letter for five hundred words, which they must tell why they should receive an invitation to an upcoming wedding. “Those who refuse to write an essay, will be automatically removed from the list” — said by an angry sister of the bride.

to do angered the girl’s relatives, including his sister. “I just refused to write this letter. I don’t have to explain why I want to attend her wedding and why you should spend money on tickets, hotel room and a gift,” she confessed. The girl also said that the parents approved and supported the idea of the bride. They believe that in this way it puts everyone on an equal footing and gives everyone the chance to get a wedding invitation.

Reddit Users condemned the bride and called her insane and ridiculous idea. They added that her sister did the right thing, he refused to write essays.

Earlier it was reported about the couple, which was criticized on the Internet because they made a waiting list of wedding guests in order of personal preference. They split the invitees into three categories in the order in which they would like to see them at the wedding.