the Girl shared in the story of how sister cast her from the wedding because of the open neckline. For a discussion on the portal Reddit drew the attention of the journalists of the Mirror.

According to 14-year-old girl, she was supposed to take the place of bridesmaids at the ceremony. As attire, the teenager chose a pink dress with ruffles. The reaction of sisters on the dress puzzled the girl, because the birthday girl said that her “Boobs look huge”.

“I don’t want your appearance to distract me and my fiance. I’m sorry, but you can’t be my bridesmaid” — quoted the sister of the girl.

as a result, other guests decided to convince the birthday girl that she apologized and let her sister again to become a bridesmaid. However, the latter sent the teenager a message, saying that she “ruined” her wedding.

users of the platform have supported the adolescent in the comments. “Your sister’s not just the bride, she is very very insecure if he thinks that the 14-year-old girl will be the center of attention at the wedding, She expects that all guests will look worse than her?”, “Terrible. Frankly, I’m sick,” they were indignant.

In April, the girl wanted to come to the wedding in a white dress and was ashamed. An anonymous user has published in the group Let’s shame those weddings a screenshot of the post, which depicts a white lace dress to the floor. Under the post she expressed the desire “to come to him at someone’s wedding.” Netizens criticized the girl’s choice.