on Thursday morning, Hair of Bolsonaro rudely, turning to Frank Mat, criticized the decision of the Federal Supreme court to conduct searches of supporters who are suspected of creating a criminal gang. In the opinion of the Supreme court, the purpose of the group was spreading false information aimed at the formation among the population a negative attitude towards the media, higher judiciary and the legislature, as well as provoking the aggression against these institutions.

“everything has a limit. Yesterday (on Wednesday – ed. “RG”) was the last day. And I ask God to enlighten those few who dare to consider themselves more powerful than others, so they took his place, which we respect. I will say more. We cannot talk about democracy without an independent judiciary and without an independent legislature to enable them to make decisions. Not alone, but in a way that is collectively. Enough, damn it! – said Bolsonaro at the gate of his residence. – Sorry for the outburst. Enough!”

the President stressed that it is time to stop the practice when the decision of the Supreme Federal court, such as a search warrant, are received by one of the judges, not the collective decision.

on Wednesday In the investigation of the spread of fake information, the Federal police conducted a series of searches of the most ardent supporters of Bolsonaro. Among them was popular in the conservative environment of bloggers, with whom the President met yesterday in his working residence, businessmen and politicians, including deputies of the national Congress of Brazil.

On the orders of the Supreme court was lifted banking secrecy on the financial activities of four entrepreneurs in the period July 2018 to April 2020. This time frame captures the period of the election campaign, probable violations of which are investigated in the framework of another case before the Supreme electoral court.

the conflict between the President and the Supreme Federal court has reached such a level as to reduce the intensity had to bring in a third branch of government. As a mediator by the Chairman of the Senate Push Alkalomra.

“I’m here to be a bridge and facilitator in building peace,” said Alkalomra Bolsonaro at the presidential Palace.