Minister of education of Brazil Abraham Weintraub will pay a fine of two thousand reais, equivalent to the Russian currency is 27 thousand rubles, for violation of mask mode. He became the third resident of the capital region, was fined for appearing without a mask in a public place.

the Severity of the Brazilian laws is softened by not having their performance. A mask mode in Brazil introduced about a month ago. Violation of this rule results in rather big by Brazilian standards, with a fine up to twice the Brazilian minimum wage.

However, with disregard to the mandatory wearing masks showed on camera the President of Brazil Air of Bolsonaro and his supporters. Every Sunday they went to demonstrations, by the way is also prohibited as well as any mass gatherings during a pandemic, often without the required PPE.

For the entire period of the mask of the regime in Brazil, the police tried to do educational interviews with offenders. The first two the fine was issued for a principled refusal of the citizen to wear a mask made to the guards of law and order in a rather rude manner.

the Minister Weintraub also last Sunday went without a mask to greet supporters Jaira of Bolsonaro in the centre of the Brazilian capital. All anything, only the day before these same people fired fireworks Supreme court building, which caused serious concerns of its members and the government in the capital region and triggered a series of arrests.