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Frederic Varandas Frederic Verandas
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the President of football club “sporting” Frederic Varandas who participated in the war in Afghanistan and worked as a doctor, has announced that it will strengthen the national medical corps during the state of emergency associated with the coronavirus.

“For our parents and grandparents, but also for the current generation, which cannot grow in a country strangled by a serious economic crisis. For all of them to Portugal… Let’s do it! Each in its own way. Someone who cares about the sick, someone bakes bread, the other to inform the Portuguese, others are working to support the economy and the country. I have served the country and do it again until a state of emergency… And I will be returning whenever it will take Portugal. Let’s help the country all together”, – wrote in Instagram Verandas.

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Pelas gerações dos nossos pais e avós, mas também por esta geração que não pode crescer num país sufocado noutra grave crise económica. Por todos eles, por Portugal…vamos! Cada um à sua maneira. Uns a tratarem dos doentes, a fazerem pão outros, outros a informarem os portugueses, outros a trabalharem nos seus serviços para manter a economia e o País de pé. Já servi o País, hoje vou voltar a fazê-lo enquanto o Estado de Emergência durar…e voltarei sempre que precisar Portugal. Vamos…vamos com tudo!!????????????????????

Publish from Frederico Varandas (@frederico_varandas) 19 Mar 2020 2:02 PDT

Almost all sporting events were postponed or cancelled because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Many countries have introduced quarantine. According to the March 20 total in the world revealed more than 274 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. More than 90 thousand recovered 11 357 people died.

Russia recorded 253 cases of infection. In Italy the total number of victims has reached 4032 is more than in China, where initially there was an outbreak of the epidemic drew attention to “Sport-Express”.