the Ships of the black sea fleet conducted exercises to destroy surface ships imaginary enemy. In naval maneuvers were involved in the Corvette “Ingushetia”, missile boat “Ivanovets” and “Naberezhnye Chelny”.

As the press service of the defense Ministry, the first phase of the exercise naval strike group held a naval battle with imaginary enemy. Worked was also anti-aircraft and artillery firing at air and surface targets.

In the second stage of the maneuvers Ingushetiya and missile boats were trained to launch cruise missiles “Caliber” and “Mosquito” group on surface targets with the implementation of electronic missile launches.

“At the final stage of the exercise, the crews will conduct training on damage control and comprehensive defense of the detachment of ships in transit,” – said in the message.


Simultaneously with surface ships in the Black sea submarine “Kolpino” also set of workouts. For the application of conventional missile strike precision complex “Kalibr-PL” the crew conducted an emergency dive and has completed a missile firing at sea targets – electronic triggers.

Note that in the autumn of 2017 “Kolpino” in conjunction with the same type of submarine “Velikiy Novgorod” struck three blows cruise missiles “Caliber” on the terrorist groups in Syria. Shots were fired at a distance of 650 -750 kilometers. In all there were 23 missile. Objective monitoring data confirmed the defeat of all the purposes.