Lennox Lewis defeated such greats as Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko. Against Hasim Rahman (see square 4), it was ironically also a One-Hit-Wonder, the taught him the other defeat of his career. His Fight against the mandatory Challenger Oliver McCall (59-14, 38 K. o.’s) in Wembley Arena on 24. September 1994 Year-olds appeared more like a occupational therapy for the, then 29, before he could devote himself to his real goal, a fight against Riddick Bowe. However, in the second round of his duel with the “Atomic Bull,” conceded Lewis a counterattack. The WBC Champion came just insecure again on the legs, so the referee declared the Fight broke off and McCall to the winner by T. K. o..

“The Lion” not only lost his championship belt in the heavyweight division and a fighting Chance against Bowe, but also the mastery of: Lewis claimed after the Match, the referee have cancelled the duel prematurely, and to him the victory stolen. McCall, for his part, said that he wanted to. because of this insult does not fight against Lewis, despite an offer of ten million dollars So McCall defended the title against an aged Larry Holmes before him on 8. April 1995, Frank Bruno lost. On 7. February it came to the Rematch Lewis vs. McCall, as he was at that time vacant) WBC went again to the (title. This bizarre Fight culminated, as the “Atomic Bull” in the fourth round, again and again apathetic with hanging cover before Lewis ran away, and in the following ring break in, burst into tears. As his Constitution not improved in the Fifth, broke the ring, judge Mills Lane the fight, and Lewis declared the winner by T. K. o. Oliver McCall won a few minor belts, but never had a world title fight. As the toughest opponent of the still active, now a 54-year-old boxer and his drug turned out to be addiction, the stays in several rehab and convictions brought.

Text: Nils Bothmann & Frank Schwantes

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