Montell Griffin (50-8-1, 30 K. o.) was an emerging Contender when he on 21. March 1997, at the Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City against Roy Jones jr. (66-9, 47 K. o.) to the WBC heavyweight title history. Griffin’s surprise victory is a particularly curious case of a One-Hit-Wonders, because this did not succeed on their own. Jones jr. hit the “Ice” in round seven, and then again in the Ninth. When the then 28-year-old Champ ended up accidentally a hit on Griffin, as this was in consequence of the second Knockdowns on the ground, he was disqualified and lost the duel and title to the Challenger.

Griffin’s next fight was a Rematch against the substandard Champ, almost five months later. Jones jr. decided to this in a stunning clarity to it, knock out the Fighter from Chicago before the end of the first round. In the course of his further professional career, Griffin lost fights all the Eliminators and the world Cup, among other things, against WBO Champ Dariusz Michalczewski on the 28. August 1999 in Bremen, as well as against Antonio Tarver on may 26. April 2003, in Mashantucket (United States). At the end of 2011, he won his last Fight, but because of the former conqueror of Roy Jones jr had. already the Status of a Journeyman.

Text: Nils Bothmann & Frank Schwantes

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