bring A duel with the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson (174-19-6, 109 K. o.) should Randolph “Randy” Turpin (66-8-1, 45 K. o.) momentarily to fame. The American Superstar, of his character, the Middleweight champion of the world, has lost the Fight this time in 131 only Once, and was on a trip to Europe. Although outsiders, succeeded in Turpin on 10. In July 1951, the decide to meet with Sugar Ray in the Earls Court Arena, London. The Briton set to the Champ early on and gained points for the victory that eventually earned him the title of world champion.

Since Turpin had his Chance under the condition of a return fight within 90 days, he played his next Match on 12. September, again against Robinson. This Time Sugar Ray was not a surprise, but made for an early end of the Fights (T. K. o. in the tenth round). So Turpins ended time as a world champion after only 64 days. In the aftermath of the “Leamington Licker was” passable and collected a few British and European titles, but never again in the world. In 1964, Turpin adopted finally in retirement. But financial problems followed. 1966 – with only 37 years, committed suicide of Randy Turpin’s suicide.

Text: Nils Bothmann & Frank Schwantes

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