This did really hurt!

Shortly before the Finale of “The Biggest Loser” flew to sympathise with Anthony (32, starting weight 199,5 kg) from the Show. The six semi-finalists met after eight weeks of home to the semi-finals again in the Tyrol, were weighed according to the stunning makeover .

even before he stepped on the scale, not plagued by the consultant bad thoughts: “If I’m honest, I have an incredibly good feeling for the scale. It’s talking to each other, you exchange Information, how to work in home, what has been removed.“

Anthony is in a good 50 pounds slimmer than at the beginning of photo: SAT.1

Anthony took “only” 18.1 kg in eight weeks, weighed to 126.7 kg. This corresponded to a weight reduction of 12.5% – and this magnificent result was his strong competitor to little!

According to the result on the balance Trainer Ramin Abtin (46) suspected: “This could be just for him, when I look at the others. That would be real for me, the Super-GAU, because if one earns more, then Anthony.“

The Coaches were of Anthony’s performance is not excited, however, it was enough for the final photo: a SATELLITE.1/Una Titz With coupons online to save A Service shop overview Top vouchers

And it got off to Anthony! Sad faces at all the parties Involved. Anthony broke out the voice, nevertheless, he remained sober: “This simply means that the trip for me ends here at ‘The Biggest Loser’.”

His coach, Ramin took him long in the Arm, whispered to him: “You’re actually into the final. If so, then you. I want to say to you.“