Daniel Hartwich’s quiet parting words almost fade away in the credits: “Due to the external circumstances, it wasn’t an easy season,” the “Let’s Dance” moderator indicated at the end of the numerous failures due to corona diseases and questions about entertainment in times of war. The “Professional Challenge”, which has rounded off the dance show after the final since 2019, was not lacking in drama either.

Kathrin Menzinger, a super professional with a penchant for acrobatics, experienced a serious fall. While she won the title “Dancing Star 2022” in the final as a trainer of circus artist and “Ninja Warrior” René Casselly, winning the “Professional Challenge” seemed within reach alongside her colleague Evgeny Vinokurov. Again, Menzinger danced a wickedly explosive tango with numerous elements of amazement to music from “Moulin Rouge”. As a highlight, she was lifted into the air by two background dancers in order to jump from there into Vinokurov’s arms – only unfortunately both fell to the ground without stopping.

Although the expressive couple managed to finish the freestyle, it was obvious that the mistake made it difficult for both of them. In the end, however, what counts is the “full risk” that they consciously took: “I enjoyed every minute,” said Vinokurov, who was visibly counted. The perfectionist Menzinger, who is only slightly tousled, sums it up: “It was wonderful.”

Menzinger and Vinokurov not only impressed Motsi Mabuse, but above all Motsi Mabuse, with their courage and the supposed failure as a sign of great closeness. “The whole life of a dancer is a single risk,” said the juror in a moving incendiary speech: “We leave our families as teenagers because we feel passion in our souls. We can’t do anything else and give everything to be able to live it.” That resonates with all professionals: the dancers accompany Motsi’s homage to the “very big and very special moment” with cheers.

The winners of the professional challenge also created it in a perfect way: last year’s winner Renata Lusin, this time alongside “Let’s Dance” veteran Christian Polanc. When he joked during training that he would finally send Lusin through the “Polanc-TÜV”, the 43-year-old stood his ground with the fiery mixture of flamenco, paso doble, contemporary, rumba and salsa despite his impressive performance (Jorge González: “I have never seen you so sexy as tonight”) clearly in the shadow of his partner: “A Mexican Drama” with film music from “El Mariachi” belonged to “Granata” in a fiery red costume and caused standing ovations not only from the jury.

“I would like to just scream,” says Motsi Mabuse’s feedback: “Your dancing speaks for itself, your blood boils and you merge with the music.” Germany and the world need dancing, feeling, loving, respecting.”

No sooner said than done: in the professional challenge, among other things, an all-female (Ekaterina Leonova and Oxana Lebedew) and all-male couple (Massimo Sinató and Vadim Garbuzov finished third with their interpretation of “Swan Lake”) proved that dancing “is not a norm or limitation “ (Renata Lusin) knows. And, as Joachim Llambi concludes, as a show it can also be given the highest honor. Namely, when the senior juror says: “I feel very well entertained.”

It is well known that participating in “Let’s Dance” (RTL) is exhausting. Amira Pocher, who took fourth place in the recently ended season, even lost a cup size through training, as she now reveals.

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She speaks of a “joke” and an “absolute impudence”: Amira Pocher feels unfairly pushed out of the show after her semifinals on “Let’s Dance”. Your clues: the evaluation behavior of senior juror Joachim Llambi and an allegedly frequently busy telephone line.

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