for Twelve months, the fashion search engine Lyst keywords with Denim has scanned-relation, 60 million requests followed, 5 million articles and 12’000 designers and business analyses. All Denim everything, so to speak. Out a jeans report, have washed has come.

Everybody’s Darling

With 13 queries per second (!) the Jeans is one of the most sought after a moderate surplus in the world. So there is still quite a lot of need for a piece of clothing, you should think that it is pretty much everyone already has. When sold 1.2 million pairs per year, the pieces in our closet, but steadily more. And even with the colour, it is agreed: The Blue Jeans have on the popularity scale as the nose in front. Seven out of ten shoppers are looking for the blue honey.

While a certain classic with our neighbours in Germany, has long since been replaced, put the Swiss on the long-established favourite: The “Mile-High” Super Skinny Jeans by Levi’s depends in this country, all of them. Super tight, super-high – must be the really still? The second place puts on a little more convenience. The “drop-out”Boyfriend Jeans in the color “Tequila Truth”, Mother’s all right, have no desire to be the close Alternative. Boring? Wait and see. The third place goes to the rather extravagant Cutout model of Maison Margiela. – Wide leg cut-outs on the side, cool wash – we are positively surprised!

How goes the story?

So, as we go, we carry with a few exceptions, forever blue Skinny Jeans? Unlikely. Outside of Switzerland, the skinny jeans are outdated now of relaxed, straight models. In Germany, the “Extra Mom Jeans” by Levi’s made it to the top spot. And just as we have prophesied, to experience Low-Rise Jeans making a Comeback. The search terms “Low Cut” and “Hipster” have increased in the last six months.

Also in the color what is going on: In the last week of may, Lyst observed for the first Time, that the request for white Jeans was as high as the blue models. And also the desire for black Denim is increasing.

The most successful Jeans-Memes of the year

finally, an analysis of the fashion portal not only the most successful Jeans, but also all the world has spoken. The much-discussed pair of Jeans-panties from Y/Project managed to go just before the Cochella Festival, viral. An incredible Plus of 2250 per cent of the searches were recorded by the special model. One of the other (not exactly everyday) Double-Layered Jeans from R13 recorded within six months more than 10’000 calls. And also Celine Dion made with your trousers of choice at Paris Fashion Week for a Meme-Moment. The grandiose, asymmetrical Jeans from Ksenia Schnaider was searched for 73 percent more likely, after the singer was photographed in your.

In this sense, we want to be in the jeans brands and designers (and in the case of Céline Dion!) for the wonderful Jeans moments so far, thank you and hope for the Rest of the year on each lot of supply.

This article was originally published in the magazine Style. More exciting articles, see