The biathlon world Championships in Italy ended with a scandal

However, the results of the latest starts to the world Cup 2020 left in the shade after the loud scandal connected with anti-Russian hysteria.

in Loginov and his personal trainer, the Italian police took away all the gadgets: laptops and smartphones. Return them not before the outcome of the investigation

As you may remember, the success Loginova Western media and even some athletes were evaluated through clenched teeth. The athlete recalled in the past the use of prohibited drugs and made explicit the hints are supposedly in the Russian command “all clear.” These unfounded allegations used in his denunciation to the police of Italy’s anti-doping Manager of the International biathlon Union (IBU) Sarah Fussek.

Photo: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader Norwegian biathlete of Roseland won the fifth world Cup gold

the Formal reason for this was accredited personal trainer Loginov Alexander Kasperovich. The fact is that since our team had more technical staff than anticipated, badge of the Russian quota specialist is not enough. Came to the rescue of the Ukrainian colleagues. This fact, coupled with medals Loginova, and gave Mrs. Fussek on the idea that our leader team with their coach leads the whole world by the nose.

Police raided the hotel early in the morning on the day of the men’s relay. The door to the room of our “shooting skiers” have opened without knocking, and immediately started the search. As reported by him in the broadcast channel “Match TV”, the guests behaved rather harshly:

– Ordered everyone to sit in their seats in their underwear. When I asked if to go to the toilet, they said they can’t go anywhere. Showed me a paper warrant. I asked if they have any reason to inspect the room – showed me. But it was all in Italian. I said that it is not a document, I need the translation and the lawyer they called. Before his arrival, guests are not a special ceremony. They all looked, starting with the garbage can in the bathroom, the balcony, checked his shoes, kicked out of bed. Looking for any drugs, medicines. But nothing was found.

in addition, Loginov and his personal trainer, the police took away all the gadgets – laptops and smartphones. Return them not before the outcome of the investigation. According to the lawyer, in Italy for the distribution and use of doping criminal liability and any proceedings conducted by the Prosecutor’s office opening a case. It may take several months, and if the usernames and Kasperovich will be clean, they’ll forward things, and it will go to the archive.

needless to say that after this morning logins and its partners are unable to tune in to the relay, but with the mass start Sasha and completely withdrew, saying that he thinks about retirement.

the President of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) Vladimir Drachev spent two days at the police Commissariat, arguing that the charges Fussek a figment of her sick imagination. Mr. Drachev was also reported that appealed to IBU, to continue all of these confrontations have ended.

Also Drachev expressed the hope that the leader of the Russian national team will play for the national team for at least another five years.

it’s Nice that the reaction of the President of the International biathlon Union Olle Dalina was immediate. The official, indignant personal initiative of Mrs. Fussek, openly supported our athlete:

– It was a fantastic tournament. It’s great that so many teams won medals. In this lies the strength of the biathlon, so many countries, as many as ten, are able to win medals. I think that the Russian team won two medals, successfully performed at the world Cup. Two medals, including “gold”, this is a great result for any team. I know that Alexander Loginov was not able to compete in the race Zachuchiteley day of the competition because of this ugly history. As for his words that he may end his career, I believe that such strong athletes need biathlon.