Rösti, Fondue and Raclette are now even far beyond the Swiss border known. However, the Swiss cuisine has much more to offer. Our readers tell us recipes, which are likely to be outside their Region or in the Canton of many of the completely unknown.

Cholera from the Valais: recipe from Diana

The dough can even be made, or, of course, also be purchased. Reader Diana recommends the use of puff pastry.

preparation time: 30 minutes
baking time: about 20 to 25 minutes
difficulty: medium

Zutaten400 rank representatives, small geschnitten2Äpfel1Zwiebel250 gKartoffeln300 gFontal cheese or other spicy cheese, coarsely grated Blätterteig1Ei, sold off, to the Best

potatoes in 1 dl of water and cook until they are almost soft. Subsequently, the potatoes small grate as well.Leeks are slightly soft and onions sauté cook.The Apples and the cheese is also a small grate as well. The puff pastry in a cake pan and in an alternating sequence, the ingredients on the shifts.Season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.Cholera with a lid of puff pastry and let at 220 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes to bake. Brig Cordon bleu: recipe by Jürg Krattiger

This is a really good potato salad!

Zutaten4Schweinsschnitzel in Schmetterlingsschnitt100 gWalliser Raclette Käse4dünn-cut tranches of Valais Rohschinken1Ei50 gMehl120 gPaniermehletwasschwarzer pepper and salt

The scavenger crop in the butterfly cut. Depending on the Size of the meat beat. Season with salt and pepper.The Schnitzel with ham and cheese filling. To not use much, as the filling could leak.The Cordon bleu first in the flour, then through the verklopfte Egg and breadcrumbs.The breadcrumbs, press firmly and then put the meat in the fat in a floating fry. Capuns: Variation of Antonia Zutaten500 gMehl2½ dlWasser (or milk-water 1:1 depending on taste)200 to 300 ggeräuchertes meat (ham, country hunter, farmer sausage), small geschnitten2Eier, sold off the parsley, sage and pepper mint, a little salt Capuns leaves, better known as Swiss chard-leaves, to the Einwickeln2½ dlBouillon2½ dl Milch100 gBergkäse to taste

flour with water and eggs, stir until the dough is shiny, and then cover and leave it for about 30 minutes to swell.The smoked meat and the chopped herbs.The one tablespoon of dough into a Swiss chard leaf and wrap.Broth and milk and bring to a boil, and the package type. Eight to ten minutes to simmer.To taste with a little cheese, and finished the fine Capuns are sprinkle. Hafechabis with Gummeln: recipe from Ernesto Eggli

reader, Ernesto Eggli is recommended to cook the potatoes separately, because it would taste the warm up (which is even better!) easier.

ingredients (for two to four persons)1½ to 2 kgweisser Kabis, in rough pieces geschnitten200 gSchweinsragout200 gLammragout200 gfrische breast of Pork, cut into pieces (anything cured or smoked, as bacon, and now she’s with us, every butcher fresh)a little clarified butter Mace (Mace), ground some salt, a little fresh, white pepper, some potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces

The pieces of meat, Pat dry, and possibly even cut it into small pieces. Then with clarified butter in a large pot and brown. Take out the meat, “the Bratsatz” something to solve and, if necessary, with a little Butter liquefy. The cut Kabis in the Bratsatz slowly and Stirring all around fry. When the Arm is lame and of the Kabis has adopted the color of caramel, the flesh and the Mace, with salt to Refine and continue to stir.Cover and allow to simmer on a low flame to simmer until the meat is cooked (approximately one and a half hours). The Kabis should provide enough liquid, it can be given a little water is added. The potatoes can be placed in the last half hour in the pot or cooked separately. Quiche Basilisk: recipe from Jeannette ingredients (for a baking sheet with diameter from 28 to 30 cm)1Runder Kuchenteig100 gSprinz or other Reibkäse400 gfrischer Brokkoli250 ggeräucherter salmon For the cast:2Eier1 BecherSauerrahm1 dlMilch1 dlWeissweinetwasPfeffer from the mill, a little salt a little freshly grated muskatnus be bunch of fresh chives

broccoli into uniform pieces and place in salt water for five minutes to blanch. Rinse off with cold water and drain well.Salmon slices and roll up. Larger slices in half and roll up.All the ingredients for the topping together and mix with pepper and nutmeg to taste. Gently season with salt and the chopped chives to give. Oven to 220 degrees upper and lower heat preheat.The dough on the parchment paper took the Form of and with a fork the bottom of the sealing insert.Grated cheese evenly spread. Broccoli and salmon-place rolls nicely on the cheese. Here the imagination can be left to run free, because you eat with your eyes Yes. Then the casting about the casting.Bake in a preheated oven on the lowest Rail and bake for about 30 minutes. In the last five to seven minutes, the top heat off and with bottom heat baking, carving, and Drunder: recipe by Thomas Wassmer Zutaten3 ELZucker1 ELWasser150 gSpeckbirnen (soft Dörrbirnen)100 ggetrocknete Apfelschnitze5 dlFleischbouillon400 ggeräucherter cooking bacon in strips geschnitten800 gfestkochende potatoes a little salt a little pepper

the sugar and water in a wide pan, without stirring, bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and, occasionally swinging back and forth simmer until the liquid takes on a hazelnut-brown color and the consistency of caramel. The dried Apple slices and the bacon and pears and mix well. Then the Bouillon and cook bacon and bring to the boil.Reduce the heat and cover and simmer on low heat for about 45 minutes to braise. The potatoes and without the lid for another 25 minutes, simmer until the liquid takes on a creamy consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Appenzeller Cake: recipe from Jeannette

The Appenzeller Cake is perfect for Aperitifs, or as a side dish.

Zutaten100 gButter3Eier1 dlButtermilch or regular Milch200 ggeriebener Appenzeller Käse200 gSchinken, diced (Alternatively, the reader Jeannette recommends to replace the ham by sun-dried tomatoes)1 BundPetersilie1 bunch of chives, small geschnitten250 gMehl 1 packet of baking powder a little salt a little nutmeg

Cakeform with baking paper lining a little pepper a little paprika and the oven on 180 degrees to preheat.The Butter until frothy and the eggs one at a time to give.Butter, milk, salt, spices, herbs, ham and cheese, add to soup and mix well. Mix flour and baking powder and fold under the dough.The mass in the prepared Cakeform fill and mid-Kiln, about 50 minutes to bake.