Before the holidays Gosfilmofond digitized films from his collection. The film in fact has a tendency to crumble… And now these wonderful films you will see in good quality: “Two soldiers” (1943), “Wait for me” (1943), “heavenly slug” (1945), “son of the regiment” (1946), “secret agent” (1947), “the Young guard” (1948), “Star” (1949), “The slow train” (1963), “Here is your front” (1983), “the Iron field” (1986), “Before the dawn” (1989) and others.

in addition, in the special “the Day of Victory-2020” in social network “Odnoklassniki” will be available the album of the 66 recordings “Requiem for the Win. Poems by poets killed in the great Patriotic war, read by the poets-front-line soldiers”. This audio collection was recorded in 1972 on the record label “Melody”. It includes works of Vladimir Ognev, Marc Maximov, Musy dzhalilya, Sergey Orlov, Vladimir Lifshitz, Boris Slutsky, and other wonderful poets at the front.

On the portal “Culture.Of the Russian Federation” contains many performances, lectures, films and other materials about the great Patriotic war. They will be available to users free of charge.

Vadim Vankov, Director of information and digital development of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation:

– Many cultural institutions are preparing special programmes, exhibitions, projects for the Day of Victory in an online format. The Portal “Culture.Of the Russian Federation” as the main information platform of key Russian stock, is pleased to join many different projects. It will be a traditional Billboard, and broadcast, and unique archival materials in different formats from our partners.