Even if he now spends a large part of his time in indoor: The human being is actually a “Male-model”. The Indoor Phase in Relation to the history of mankind, to take it shortly. “A couple of seconds at the most,” says Jens Acker, chief physician of the clinic for sleep medicine KSM Bad Zurzach and Zürich Airport.

The light of the situation, we live in modern humans, is most unnatural. On the question of how this affects our well-being, says Acker: “That is, at the Moment, this field of research is number 1 in the sleep research. Therefore, the Nobel prize two years ago, also went to the Chrono-biologists.” Chrono-biologists owe their name of Chronos, the Greek God of time. You will examine the rhythms of our organism works.

we are Timed as we know, by the alternation of day and night. “Therefore, we feel sexy, too short a Sleep, as soon as the sun goes down,” said Jens Acker. The sun comes up, we’ll get a small boost.

Because this control for our internal clock and our inner processes is so important, the nature of special nerve cells in the eyes of a direct light-line into the brain. In buildings it is usually too dark. There is too little light comes in. And that has a direct impact on the well-being of: “The mood is less good, you are tired,” says Jens Acker.

The three most important questions that should best be solved in cooperation with an electrician, are: Where is the light? What is the purpose of the light? How bright is the light need to be? Indirect light creates, for example, soft, feel-good light, the workstation needs to have a very bright, focused light. For more tips and Tricks to save energy, you can find here.

can have a Positive impact – in addition to as many as possible stays Outdoors – modern light fixtures and bulbs, which simulate the different phases of daylight, twilight included. “You can measurably improve mood,” says Acker. Who comes hard off the bed, you can use a light alarm clock that mimics dawn.

And what you should take into account in terms of light in the bedroom else? “Who has a sound sleep, one must pay attention to nothing. Anyone who has sleep problems, you should use subdued Lighting with a warm, soft light,” says the physician. In the case of women, for example, found that the Makeup has a flash light, a negative effect on the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin.

in terms of digital devices, advises arable urgently, to enable the night light mode of the display. He stressed: “Smartphones are a part of to the bedroom.” News, notifications, and Gaming contribute to sleep problems because people do not come to rest.

It is worth also to darken the bedroom – and to recognize in principle the darkness. Jens Acker: “Many of you perceive as boring, because nothing happens. Our recovery will happen. Without the darkness we come from the rhythm.”

light creates atmosphere. But a proper lighting needs to be well planned. “Many make, unfortunately, too little thought when it comes to the lighting of your own four walls,” says Daniel Chud was the Director of the Swiss lighting society. “The basic lighting should be glare-free, i.e. contain no luminance and object lights to be supplemented,” he explains. “A warm-white light is ideal to create a beautiful and safe atmosphere.”

Mr and Mrs Swiss prefer to use LED lamps. And with good reason: “they have behaviour, compared with other lamps, a much better Dimming, without losing sight of the big power and can give virtually all the colors of the visible spectrum,” says Chud was. “The life span is 50’000 hours, i.e. 25 years, incredible.”

When you buy LED lamps you should pay attention to the color of the light. “If you want a pleasant color, put you on melatonin color. If you want that your lamp is in the dimming state is warmer, select a lamp with Dim-to-Warm Option. The result is like a light bulb, you just need ten Times less power.”

Before buying you should ask yourself in addition, two questions: Where do you need the light? And where it may come?

A diffuse radiating ceiling lamp for example, illuminates the entire room, which is in the living room is uncomfortable, but in the nursery you may be glad of this, because it facilitates the Collection of toys. In the kitchen you must make sure that the selected light source casts no shadows on the work surface, because it is otherwise when Snipping dangerous. Who makes home, Home Office, certainly needs more light than someone who is settled in his home office, payments and correspondence only an hour long. For a Desk lamp with swing arm.

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