VIEW, asked the Community: Where is the best Döner Switzerland? Among the favorites kebab were stalls of Grisons, the Canton of Lucerne to Bern. However, with more than 39’000 votes, there is a clear winner: the Zurich Restaurant Ayverdi.

“This award is a huge honor for us!” says Ali Ayverdi at the Handover on Wednesday. For him, it was a nice feeling that so many people voted for their Kebab, and that they can get from their Community for such support.

The branch of the brothers Ayverdi has already been named the 2017 of VIEW-readers. The secret to the success of the family business? “A lot of hard work, dedication and commitment that our customers leave the Restaurant after eating with a Smile again,” says Ali Ayverdi (32), the youngest of the brothers Ayverdi.

And what is in a Doner kebab? Ayverdi: “We combine the Oriental product with Swiss quality. We pay attention to when shopping on the quality of the products and try to create the mix so that our customers can sense it.” The Kebabs there are 13 Swiss francs.

The best Kebab in Switzerland, and in his history

the history of The Ayverdis goes back to the year 2002. The three Ayverdi brothers grew up in a small village in the Canton of Lucerne. Later, the family moved to Zurich, where the oldest brother, Murti Ayverdi (41), opened with the help of the father, the first branch in Zurich-Affoltern. The Store had to Shine, the quality of the products, each of the rags had to be in the right place. The claims of the eldest brother were very high.

The high quality has got around in the little Switzerland fast: The customers do not come only from the vicinity, but drove several miles to taste the Kebab. About four years later, the Restaurant had to be renovated and enlarged to meet the increasing demand. Already in 2012, the new capacity was used up: A new place had to be found. The second Ayverdi’s in Zurich-Oerlikon was built with an open, 14-metre-long kitchen, plenty of Seating and modern decor. The Doner was acceptable. The concept attracted a lot of new guests and could be expanded in the summer of 2018 by the third and so far latest branch in Zurich-Wiedikon.

And how it looks in ten years with the Ayverdi’s?

“We will give our Best, that we make in the future, just as good food, and that people will appreciate our products, even in ten years’ time and love,” says Ali Ayverdi opposite VIEW. The aim is to go beyond the cantonal border, and so the favourite kebab of the VIEW-reader to other gourmets in Switzerland.

Until then, the brothers continue to work on new creations. “We are experimenting with new creations,” says Ayverdi. For example, the most expensive Kebab in Switzerland, the Wagyu Kebab for proud 91 francs, VIEW, or already tested.