Almost all of the major manufacturers have unveiled at Tech trade show CES in Las Vegas with new Laptops. Amazing how compact the units are. And how much performance in the ultra mobile devices. We have five tips for all, the need in the next few months a new Notebook with Windows operating system.

All featured models are real, working machines for the daily use in the office as well as in the home office or on the go. And what is now, of course, The Laptops are with chic Design, good speakers, and great screens for the private use of well usable to look around to Netflix or gaming.

Dell XPS 13: an Improved Bestseller

received last year’s Version of the XPS 13 from the testers best notes. Now Dell has fixed the biggest weakness of the 13-inch Laptops. The Webcam is no longer found under the Screen, leading to odd angles in the video telephony led, but back to normal at the top of the frame.

Still, the case to keep the edges around the Display are very thin. 2.25 millimeters, the smallest Dell Webcam been used to date. In addition there is a new Dolby Vision for better images in Multimedia and Video as well as the latest Intel processors of the eighth Generation.

The Dell XPS 13 is available immediately at prices starting from 1129 Swiss francs can be ordered.

Lenovo Yoga S940: The Smartphone laptop

The new 14-inch device from Lenovo is amazingly thin and compact. The screen looks with the rounded glass edges-almost borderless. This is highly reminiscent of the design of the current Smartphones.

Visually the most beautiful laptop that Lenovo ever built. In the case of the equipment you have to make no compromises, from the extremely bright 4K Screen, Dolby Atmos Sound to exciting AI Features.

The artificial intelligence can hide for video calls disturbing noises or backgrounds. The cameras do not recognize, if you are sitting in front of the device, and lock it. In addition, there is a warning message, if someone looks at the Work on the shoulder. A pity only, you can not flip the Screen as with other Yoga devices of any around.

start time and price for Switzerland are still unclear. We expect the market launch in the summer with prices starting at around 1500 francs.

Huawei Matebook 13: Cheaper MacBook-hunter

for Design oriented Huawei is clearly one of the popular MacBook Air, but that must be no disadvantage. Because the Matebook 13 acts as the competition from Apple is very high quality.

But Huawei is supplying for less money and more Features. Such as a touch screen or an almost frameless Screen. Anyone who wants can even install a separate video card, for Gaming.

If and when the Matebook 13 in Switzerland, is still unclear. The prices should start at around 1000 Swiss francs.

Asus ZenBook S13: record-thin screen edges

in All, 97 percent of the surface of the ZenBook S13 are covered by the Screen. The edges around are so thin like no other device. A Webcam is not enough actually, but instead of this unprofitable somewhere in the keyboard to accommodate, Asus on a kind of Notch, such as the Smartphone.

This recess goes out but not in the Display, but from the top of the device. This may look a little strange, but it fulfils the purpose. And, in addition, the tab helps, if you want to expand the Notebook.

the Latest processors, 15 hours of battery life, and the installation of an additional graphics card are other Features that convince.

The sale will start in the spring, prices are likely to start at around 900 to 1000 francs.

Acer Swift 7: light-weight despite the Top equipment

The Acer Swift 7 has a 14-inch Screen, weighs only 890 grams. So easy, no comparison is device. Even otherwise, the high-quality Notebook is built to be compact and less than an inch thick.

The Webcam is wandering, however, down to the keyboard and is elegantly hidden under a flap that can be opened by finger pressure. The Position is, however, not for the angle of the picture is really ideal.

The unit comes in the spring on the market, with prices starting at 1800 francs. Officially it is not confirmed yet.