American fighter of the mixed style (MMA) fighter Jon Jones has again criticized the management of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) and delivered an ultimatum to the organization. He told about it during a podcast Wild RIde.

32-year-old American, occupying the first place in the ranking of the best UFC fighters, said that would not be part of the promotion, while his financial demands are not met. Jones stressed that it was not asking anything extraordinary. “I wish I could pay what I deserve”, he added.

in addition, according to Jones, the problem with payments is not only its. “Yeah, maybe when you have millions of dollars you seem greedy when you ask for more, but that’s not it. I feel that I have the opportunity to influence the situation. Most of the guys are deprived of such privilege. They can’t publicly declare my second job of debt. I have friends who live in the hall because they did not have enough money for rented apartments. And this is also the UFC fighters,” added Jones.

Jones had a conflict with the head of UFC Deyna white. The latter stated that American wants to American heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder. In addition, the head of the promotion will not recognize the problem of underpaid soldiers. In the result, Jones gave up the title of the champion of UFC in a light heavyweight. Also because of disagreement with the financial policy of the company has stopped negotiations with other leading UFC fighter — Jorge Masvidal.